To maintain an edge in today’s competitive, tech-driven marketplace, companies must arm their operations with the most efficient and cost-effective technology possible. At AIS, we help clients harness the power of technology by designing custom solutions that fit the most specific business needs and budgets.

Our technical support group is certified in all aspects of mid- range computing systems. We specialize in the consultation, distribution, and installation of a variety of IT products, including hardware and software “turnkey” solutions. Our mission is to provide the highest level of customer service and satisfaction to our clients.

As an IBM Premier Business Partner, AIS aims to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction at all times. The mission of the AIS technical support group is to exceed all expectation levels and at the same time provide in-depth technical expertise.

Our various products include:

IBM Power Systems and POWER7 Servers –The new POWER7 processors are made to automatically optimize performance and reduce complexity. From Big Data to analytics, Power 7 is equipped to handle the next generation of applications in today’s workforce.

IBM Power Blades – From their foundation in the IBM BladeCenter family, IBM Power Blade servers are easy-to-use, flexible, and get a gold star in energy efficiency. With a large amount of scalability and manageability, IBM Power Blades are made to fit in any environment regardless of size.

IBM System p – As a prequel to IBM Power Systems, IBM System P servers support AIX and Linux operating systems. With their support in organizations of all sizes, they have the capability to turn large amounts of data into workable material that cultivates industry-leading performance.

IBM System i – iSeries is the chameleon of server platforms; it is capable of filling a wide range of technology roles in the enterprise. IBM iSeries is a highly scalable platform that has built-in virus resistant security features. IT allows businesses to consistently perform with speed and agility at a lower power cost. This platform can run multiple operating systems, including multiple Linux and Windows servers, as well as host web applications and data warehouses.

IBM System x and System x Blades – With their support for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and virtualization, System X solutions are designed to help your IT environment meet its goals. Advancements in scalability, reliability, and performance keep your applications running while maximizing your budget.

IBM Storage – IBM’s tagline for their latest line of storage products is, “transform your data economics.” With the surge in Big Data, storage has gone beyond merely safekeeping and saving data. In today’s marketplace, companies need to be able to analyze and detect operational and market insights faster to keep pace with competitors. IBM’s latest line of storage families come with built-in flash technology for faster processing.

Remarketed IBM Products – For companies looking for less expensive alternatives to brand-new equipment, our refurbished remarketed IBM products are a gently-used, cost-effective alternative. AIS offers a variety of products and solutions.

Printers – AIS provides a variety of enterprise-grade printing products that range from monochrome and color production laser printers to all-in-one multifunction printers (MFPs).

Want to learn more about what our experts and world-class product lines can offer your company? Reach out today!

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